Lumme dessert bowl 0,5 l


Lumme dessert bowl, 0,5 l

The Lumme plate set has received its form from water lilies gently swaying in Lake Vanajavesi. The material chosen – soapstone, formed by nature over billions of years – has magnificent properties, with a surface that invites you to touch it.

When serving food, the properties of soapstone are at their best. Because it has the ability to absorb heat, it keeps food warm – or cold, if that’s when you want. The material does not absorb liquids or flavours.

Soapstone crockery are suitable for direct contact with food and can be used in electric and baking ovens and also frozen. Dishwasher-proof. Note! Soapstone products must not be used in the microwave.

Material: 100% Finnish soapstone. Made in Finland.


Soapstone can be made to quickly become hot or cold, and retain this temperature for a long time. Soapstone is a material approved for food use. Liquids and flavors are not absorbed into soapstone.

Before use, wipe the soapstone product with a damp cloth or rinse any dust off the product’s surface with water. You can also wash the products in a dishwasher.

Cooling and heating of soapstone

Freeze a soapstone product in the freezer for at least a couple of hours before use. When not using it, you can keep the product in a freezer.

When you want to take advantage of the heat storage capacity of a soapstone product, you can heat it in an oven or in warm water. Never heat soapstone on the stove, any other hot surface or in the microwave.


We recommend wiping any stains off wooden products as soon as possible. This will prevent stains from being absorbed any deeper into the wood. You can use a standard non-abrasive kitchen cleaning solution soaked in a damp cloth.


Yoldia's glass products are mouth-blown glass. We recommend that you wash them by hand.


If necessary, our painted steel products can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. We do not recommend using anything abrasive to clean them.

The standard delivery price is €9 and the estimated delivery time 14 days. The delivery time for glass bowls is 5 weeks.

You can return unused products within 14 days. Contact our customer service for returning instructions.

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