Yoldia Scandinavia. Our story starts here!

In honor of Independence Day, we released our oven-fresh story video,which has already received thousands of Views. Many of you are also excited to share it on social media. Thank you Yoldia Scandinavia!

Why right now Because now we are ready to present our Product Collection, which aims at internationality and springs from Finland's nature, mythology and history..

The original intention was to launch our new products as early as the beginning of the year, but the inclusion of the corona in the patterns postponed the start. However, we did not remain inactive, but designed and further developed our products - inspired by the unique nature of our country. Product development took a huge additional step when our company received the development support it applied for from Business Finland. Now, just over six months after the initial start, the entire Finnish lifestyle collection has been completed.

Our products are made in Vanajanlaakso, right next to Aulango in Hattula. Designer, interior designer Jesse Kakkola wants to create products that appeal to a deep feeling. The name Yoldia refers to the Yold Sea, or present-day Baltic Sea, during the ice age. The prototype workshop in Hattula, Kakkola, and the whole environment of the concept are bordered by large boulders. The ice age shoreline is still visible all around.

As materials for the collection, we use e.g. steel, ash, soapstone, spectrolite and glass. Soapstone tableware excavated from clean Finnish soil, steel serving dishes made of steel and glass bowls create a completely new atmosphere for table setting and dining. Steel products will expand around the fire next winter. The collection is also planned to expand to both the jewelry and textile side next year. In addition, a special atmosphere is created around the sauna, which is important for Finns.

Our concept strongly combines the rugged nature, deep spirituality and design shaped by the ice age. There are incredible timings associated with the timing of the concept’s innovations. For example, Nordic Jin & amp; the Yoldian Cross, titled yang, was born in his hour at the moment of the equalization of the spring day, when night and day were equally long. In Baltic Finnish mythology, at the moment of the equalization of the spring day, male gods make the world, make cultural objects such as iron and Sampo, and travel to the afterlife. Very often we hear a hint that it is as if the story of the Kalevala continues.

Kakkola's goal was to create a sculptural collection of utility objects that touches with its beauty, materials as well as its new kind of functionality. However, the ultimate goal of the products and the philosophy of the whole concept is to create a deep sense of community that stems far from the past and the primordial force.

We produce everything in Finland and very much from Finnish materials. We also manufacture steel products ourselves and offer jobs to many small craft businesses.

Welcome to mythology to tone our story! Check out our unique products, which are our own clean soil.



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Designer, entrepreneur
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